Two of Kesshin’s songs are featured on the additional music soundtrack of Ubisoft's new best selling videogame: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

The buzz is rising on the Internet forums since the worldwide launch of the game on 03-31-05 (on Xbox, Ps2, Gamecube and PC). Since there has been no real mention about Kesshin's participation on this soundtrack (only a few lines on the credits), people were wandering "who the hell is that band?!?".

Information started to circulate that the band’s name is Kesshin. Even, without any kind of mention we’re very proud of the feedback people have sent us, either directly by email, or comments we found on internet. Check out the links below:

Found on the web

Extracts from fans emails

You’ll see that some guys compare Kesshin with System Of A Down, lots of people admit that they just stop playing and listen to the songs. Some guys want our lyrics, some want to make guitar tabs, find a CD with us on or just download our songs so they can listen to them over and over again.
All we have to say is: thanks a lot to all of you, kids, guys, boyz and girlz from around the world!!
You’re ALL so f***ing great!

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